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The SEO industry has been growing dynamically for years, and there is still room for new people in the industry - this shows not only how absorbing the SEO job market is but also how great the demand for SEO services is.

Do only people who work (or want to work) in the industry have to know about SEO? Why is the awareness of trends in positioning useful for copywriters, marketers, IT specialists, and e-commerce owners? And what do the charts from Google Search Console have to do with all of this?

In this article, we'll give you 10 reasons to start learning SEO, starting with the people who need the training the most.

Is SEO knowledge only needed for people who want to find a job in the industry?

Definitely not! We believe that knowledge of positioning (at least on a basic level) will also be needed by all those who work in the network on various levels daily. So who will benefit the most from it?


People in the marketing department must now easily navigate the world of online advertising, and therefore understand not only social media or Google Ads but also SEO.

This is especially important in smaller marketing departments, where competencies intertwine. Knowledge about SEO and skillful cooperation with an external SEO agency or an in-house specialist will be invaluable assets. 

Independent entrepreneurs, owners of e-commerce and other websites

Do you run your online store? Or maybe you want your portfolio to be displayed high on the important phrases for business, but you don't know how to do it? Regardless of whether you decide to act on your own (which can be a challenge in many industries) or hire a specialist or agency, knowing SEO will be a huge advantage.

First of all, you will be able to introduce some changes yourself, slightly lowering the costs you incur.

People working in IT

A developer with technical knowledge of SEO or a website designer who will be able to assess how to design a website to serve positioning and clients at the very beginning are very valuable people in the industry.

Contrary to SEO specialists, they do not need to have extensive knowledge of all aspects of positioning (tools, key phrases, etc.), but it is important that they understand, for example, the importance of Core Web Vitals - including page speed and some technical optimizations - for good pages. And how beautiful such knowledge looks in the CV!


People who create content for blogs and websites should know a lot about SEO for their content to be used in positioning. Of course, you can write text simply using phrases provided by SEO specialists, but what about headlines, keyword saturation, internal linking, or the knowledge of how to write to be visible in search results?

A copywriter who targets not only advertising content, but also wants to be able to accept SEO-related jobs, must acquire basic knowledge and test it in practice.

Why should you start learning SEO? Top 10 Reasons

Regardless of who you are and what you do, proper SEO knowledge will allow you to take your activities to the next level. How?

1. You will better understand how web visibility works

In-depth knowledge and understanding of the Internet environment and how customers find what they are looking for (companies, products, or services) will increase your competencies in many areas: for example, it will help marketers to better manage the given budget and be great at communicating with SEO specialists, and help the owners of online stores to follow the current trends and optimize their websites accordingly.

2. You will be able to manage your internet marketing budget

How much of the budget should be allocated to Google Ads and how much to positioning? Which activities should be strengthened in the pre-Christmas period, and which pages should be suggested to specialists for the holiday season? Act at the right moment and manage your finances in such a way as to maximize sales at the lowest possible cost, avoiding budget burnout and investing in the inappropriate development of your website.

3. You will understand how to develop an online store in line with Internet trends and combine marketing strategies

Knowledge of SEO will allow you to avoid basic mistakes (whether within the website, when creating a Google listing, or leaving links to the page on social media). You will also effectively and efficiently combine the positioning strategy with other activities that you conduct in your company - for example social media marketing, content marketing or even refining the website in terms of UX with SEO in mind at the same time.

4. You will learn how to refine your content in terms of positioning

Everyone knows that content is nowadays the basis of internet marketing.

But how to create content with SEO and users in mind is still a mystery to many. This is easy to see in the artificially over-optimized websites or websites that are completely mismatched to Google's requirements, and thus - although aesthetically impeccable - will not appear in search results soon.

By building an appropriate content strategy that will also take into account trends in positioning, you will increase your online competitiveness. The combination of technical optimization and fantastic content is a simple recipe for success that will allow you to use the full potential of your website.

5. You will gain a lot of technical knowledge that will be useful in the design, development, and administration of websites

If you come into contact with websites at any stage of their creation or functioning, knowledge of a bit more technical SEO will be useful at almost every step.

Knowing that a block of text will be useful on the home page, as a designer you will successfully design a suitable place for it, and as a website owner or administrator with knowledge of page speed, you will not install one hundred random plugins in WordPress even though you find them interesting.

In turn, a good developer will remember to implement lazy loading if necessary, and will not overload the page with code.

Why is it so important? We always remind you that the positioning of a website starts at the creation stage - the better the foundations, the more stable the structure.

6. You will learn what customers are looking for online (and how they proceed)

Knowing how consumers operate online and how to meet their needs is essential for anyone selling online. To successfully attract consumers (your own, if you are the website owner or your clients', if you are active in marketing), it is essential to understand correctly:

7. You will understand the relationship between visibility, traffic, conversion, and sales

What parameters are important for SEO? How does visibility translate to traffic and traffic to sales? What does the conversion do in all of this and is SEO alone enough to increase business profits?

Conscious monitoring of positioning processes (by understanding the analysis of key phrases with a tool like the Dedicated SEO Dashboard, as well as monitoring the link-building process or reliably reading reports for example), understanding where increases and decreases may come from, and distinguishing what depends on the SEO specialist and what is not his / her responsibility, will help you efficiently lead sales and ultimately lead to their growth. 

8. You will see how website positioning influences the brand image

It is difficult to have a positive image of the company without proper positions in Google. Consumers often lose confidence in brands when they can't find them quickly, and they rarely venture beyond the first few search results.

Thanks to SEO knowledge, you will be able to impose higher positions and take care of the branding and finally the look and content of the website that will be conducive to both customer and Google trust - and even, you will feel the difference.

9. You will be able to communicate with SEO specialists (and find the perfect offer for yourself)

Do you have questions about the process? Or maybe you want to better understand why this or that phrase was chosen and not another? What tools do the people who rank your website use? You'll find it much easier to engage with SEO specialists when you know what they're talking about.

In any case, a client who understands the basics of positioning and can navigate in this field is an educated client; that is to say, a client with whom cooperation will be smooth and mutually agreed upon on the one hand, and on the other hand, with whom it will be almost impossible to come across broken promises. A plus for him and the agency!

Basic knowledge of SEO will also be useful when you are looking for positioning services for your company. You will be able to consciously choose the offer that best suits your needs (budget, business goals) and decide whether the scope of activities, form of settlement, strategy, steps in the SEO process, and so on are suitable for you. You'll also know what to ask to make a good decision.

10. You yourself will understand what is happening on your website

What are these charts? Why did one phrase go up and another two down? How to read the reports and what does this "year-on-year organic movement" actually mean and why is it so important?

Basic knowledge in the subject of positioning will help you read your own results and analyze case studies that you can find on companies' websites to check what the increases reported by the agencies mean and what they result from. Having a lot of control over what is happening on your website is pure pleasure (and, of course, the key to successful sales).

Where to start your adventure with SEO?

It's time to learn SEO! - summary

Now it's time to take action because you all now know why you should have SEO knowledge, who can learn SEO, and how it can be done. 

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